Pediatric Compounding: a Better Way to Give Your Child Medicine.


young blond girl blowing noseChildren are unique, so why expect a mass-market medication to meet all of their needs? Compounded medications can benefit young patients in a number of ways:

Flavored Medicine

Many children refuse to take medicine because of its taste, or just because they know it is medicine. Flavor compounding can make medicine more palatable and easier to swallow.

Unique Dosage Forms

Tablets and capsules can be difficult for many children to swallow. Compounding allows Fairmont Pharmacy to prepare medication in alternate forms such as oral liquids, lollipops, gummy treats and topical gels.

new babyStrength and Ingredient Variations

Children differ in size and needs which can affect their drug tolerance. Some have allergies and or sensitivities to certain ingredients, dyes or preservatives. Compounding allows our pharmacists to formulate medication suitable for your child’s individual needs.

Neonatal and Hospital Care

Fairmont Pharmacy has had a long-standing relationship with Huntington Memorial Hospital for almost 30 years. We have helped babies and children go home from the hospital and back to their families sooner by compounding necessary medications for various deficiencies and conditions. We prioritize prescriptions for these situations and population.